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Bike Race Level by pretzeljamjam: xaal09
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created by : pretzeljamjam on 2016-02-07

a little fun one

martinL Feb-07-2016 06:12

11.25 editor after a while

Zetoq Feb-07-2016 07:11

Nothing lined up, bike wasn't on line. D8, J7, F6, J3, and F3 wasn't inverted

pretzeljamjam Feb-07-2016 10:23

Well actually zetoq I don't use the lining up method, so you can't expect everything from me, and just so u know I only have about 15 minutes to make levels really

BRLbro Feb-07-2016 11:04

then save your level then finish it the next day.

BRLbro Feb-07-2016 11:17

9enoxn with proper inverted lines 6/10 as the rating

pretzeljamjam Feb-09-2016 09:26

BRL bro I can't because I'm not allowed to play games on weekdays

Average Rating: 6.67

MarkA has 92 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.