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Bike Race Level by lil_flame113: xfrw9i
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created by : lil_flame113 on 2019-05-21

my last level is the wrong screenshot

MaxIsHere1227 May-28-2019 10:27

2.83 ghost 3.24 normal 3.2 acro

FortnitePro Jun-03-2019 11:54

2.756 ghost, 3.10 normal and 2.84 acro

MaxIsHere1227 Jun-14-2019 05:26

Aight aight

MaxIsHere1227 Jun-14-2019 05:29

That ghost time is playin hard to beat I got 2.78

FortnitePro Jun-16-2019 08:46

@MaxIsHere1227, never give up lol

MaxIsHere1227 Jun-16-2019 01:38


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MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.