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Bike Race Level by Imfurp: xj4fkr
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created by : Imfurp on 2019-01-24

There are multiple routes in this one. Play it, fkr's.

Imfurp Jan-24-2019 12:41

Started creating xj4fkr on: 15-01-2019. Finished creating xj4fkr on: 24-01-2019

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 01:04

Hate the shortcut... level is ok, just too inconsistent to be fun

Imfurp Jan-24-2019 01:09

@Zetoq there are two shortcuts. Which one do you hate?

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 08:34

The fastest one, I say I hate it because of the inconsistency, just super frustrating trying to get it perfect. Just doesn't fit my fancy I suppose. Level still looks professional.

Average Rating: 7.00

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