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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: y92j8j
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-05-06

Tell me how you like this and what your times are.

FireWalls May-06-2016 03:07

8.15 editor 5/10 as a rating

DoubleSSRaceZ May-06-2016 03:21


DoubleSSRaceZ May-06-2016 03:24

So have my level making skills improved?

FireWalls May-06-2016 03:33

This code can be acceptable as a 7 vymrdj

FireWalls May-06-2016 03:34

7 is improving (successful minimum)

FireWalls May-06-2016 03:36

A rating of 5 means i liked the idea of the level but needs to be improved. For more information, see my level.

DropSquad May-06-2016 06:27

harness the speed!!!

noobandimsorry May-06-2016 06:35

I know but he is a beginner. You please go easy on him dropsquad. If he gets an 8 then that is when he is advanced or at least a 6

DropSquad May-06-2016 06:48

Well it isn't his first level, and I've received pretty bad ratings when I started out as well. It's just incentive to improve. But since I didn't provide constructive criticism, let me do it now: try to avoid the use of speed lines (there isn't much inherently wrong with them, but they are frowned upon), line up the segments (shift + mouse hold makes it snap at 45 degree intervals), and try to focus on level flow (single route levels when starting out, build levels as you test).

noobandimsorry May-07-2016 05:33


DoubleSSRaceZ May-08-2016 07:25

Thanks and I get what yall all mean.

DoubleSSRaceZ May-08-2016 07:26

And the speed lines were to make it like a find the fastest way.

FireWalls May-09-2016 02:55

Well even without speed lines can make you find the fastest way. The speed lines are there to go as faster then the USA bike.

Average Rating: 2.50

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.