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Bike Race Level by Stoopy: zehw95
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created by : Stoopy on 2019-01-23

I just made it for fun XD. i have a challenge tho: try to get 19.57 with acro ;)

Stoopy Jan-23-2019 01:17

i hate it that it shows a different picture...

FortnitePro Jan-23-2019 02:32

Wheel glitch at circle is def possible to make the landing after the drop and if u wanna play me, here my link

FortnitePro Jan-23-2019 02:44

18.42 acro

Zetoq Jan-23-2019 07:01

14.22 acro, FortnitePro, watch my time topkek. Alright level, some things to generally improve that comes with time. I'm assuming this isn't your first level?

Stoopy Jan-24-2019 01:08

@Zetoq Nope it isn't my first XD.

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 03:59

Makes sense. Normally if newer creators go for larger scale levels, it's like 30 seconds. And you had done some nice things in there. Some things are rough though.

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 05:10

@Zetoq, did u wheel glitch?

Stoopy Jan-24-2019 05:28

@Zetoq what did you like the most in the level? And what thing could i have made better? pls give me advice i appreciate it :D

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 06:30

I LOVED the beginning cut, last half was shaky. FortnitePro, you have my mp, just watch it, I took a different end route than you and I had a much cleaner start.

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 06:51

@Zetoq, i watched it and got 15.02 i think, im gonna improve it

Stoopy Jan-24-2019 07:19

yo @Zetoq whats your race multiplayer link?

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 08:49

@Stoopy, want mine as well?

Stoopy Jan-24-2019 09:22

no i have yours already XP @FortnitePro

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 12:00

Who are u @stoopy?

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 01:06

Stoopy Jan-24-2019 01:36

@FortnitePro im Oliver. H you are already racing me XD

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 05:31

@Stoopy O XD

GreatGaming Jan-26-2019 06:05

@Zetoq how r u?

GreatGaming Jan-26-2019 06:06

I will send a bikerace link hopefully tomorrow.

GreatGaming Jan-26-2019 06:08

@Zetoq SleepDeep G. is me

Zetoq Jan-26-2019 06:56

I'm good man, how about you?

FortnitePro Jan-27-2019 05:05

@GreatGaming check your messages on messenger bro im Zachary A

GreatGaming Jan-27-2019 05:57

@Fortnite Pro on facebook?

FortnitePro Jan-30-2019 12:46

@GreatGaming yea

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.