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Bike Race Level by brnooob: zmlbbs
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created by : brnooob on 2019-03-07

short, maybe not my best, but i'm running out of ideas

FortnitePro Mar-07-2019 04:20

This is just me being judgy but make sure the bike is on the line

FortnitePro Mar-07-2019 04:26

10.83 ultra, skipped the loops and wheel glitched off the first loop and connected on line where flag was

Zetoq Mar-07-2019 08:03

9.45 ultra on a terrible run

FortnitePro Mar-08-2019 03:13

I dont even wanna try to get a better time.. tbh ur levels @brnooob are a little bit to hard for noobs

GreatGaming Mar-08-2019 06:42

10.37 ultra. I hate the fact that the flicking is not possible for agile soul when flicking from loop to finish.

brnooob Mar-09-2019 08:03

to be honest, @FortnitePro, your levels are difficult for me to finish, so were even.

Average Rating: 2.00

MarkA has 75 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.