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Bike Race Level by JuliusF: zx9cpy
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created by : JuliusF on 2014-11-07

a bit tricky :)

Bazinga! Nov-07-2014 04:35

looks like a potential 10 for my taste :P

JuliusF Nov-07-2014 05:20

and how does it play for your taste? i love it, 6.0 acro :D

Bazinga! Nov-07-2014 05:35

I would have already commented on that I had had time to play it

JuliusF Nov-07-2014 05:48

okay, got 5.9 now.

Bazinga! Nov-07-2014 05:53

ya me too, a clean 5.90, but it didnt play as I hoped, an 8 should do

MarkA Nov-08-2014 03:39

6.34 Acro

Average Rating: 7.50

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.